The strings on my recently bought LTD EC-1000 are now needing replacing. I *think* they are .10's but they may be .9's.... Is there any way i can check this first?

When i change them though, i am going to be buying either .11's or .12's - can changing straight to a heavier gauge damage the neck of the guitar?

And will .11's be fine for tuning down to drop B, as i am covering some In Flames with my band, and i need to be able to go that low, aswell as standard etc.

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I would recommend going for .12's if you're going to be playing drop B. .11's are a bit too loose. But if you won't be in drop B all the time .11's might be ok.

Also depending on what guitar you have you might need to get it set up.
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You can check using a caliper/a pair of calipers (don't know how that should be phrased).

If you're going up to higher string gauges the nut slots may need to be widened to accommodate the larger strings and you may need to tighten ya truss rod...the degree/necessity of this depends on how far you go up.