Not sure if a thread had been made, but I searched and nothing came up..

Anyway, Marshall have released a new series of amps, the MA, available in a 100 & 50 watt head and 100 & 50 watt combo. They are entry level all tube amps, apparently being a more affordable alternative to to the JVM/JCM series. 2 channel- Clean & Overdrive, and a boost section for the overdrive. They also feature an FX loop.


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I've personally seen 3 of these threads already.

At least 3...they may have been closed though. Most of these turn into 'MG with teh toooobzorz!?!?!' threads...so they get closed.
What are our thoughts on circuit board marshalls built in the far east?

Same as always.

Once we've tried it, we will have an opinion.

Seeing as how there are still new JCM2000's sitting on shelves dropping in price, I'd try to locate one of those and get the sales guy to drop the price a bit further.
the 50 watt combo costs £7 more than the head, so the speakers are probably terrible

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They look like pretty nice amps.

I will try out one of them when they are released.
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