I recently moved out of my parents house into an apartment. There is an attic in my apartment with a small room that would be perfect for a music room. However, the attic is not insulated, and there is no heat. I wanted to know what I need to do to the room to make it a good environment for my drums and guitars. Do I need an air conditioner for the summer? What about the winter? What do I need to do to the room so I can keep my drums and guitars there without harming them?
a humidifier would be a good idea as it will keep the humidity down and keep you instruments well protected. a heater and cooler would also be a good idea for the winter and summer. you may want to put some carpet on the walls to keep the noise down so you don't get in trouble with neighbours.
have it insulated and get a window put in
wall sockets for the leccy etc
and put a floor in.
the above steps in any order