my gf just bought me a visual sound H2O liquid chorus/echo pedal for my bday, and since it eats batteries, i will have to use a power supply with it. Does anyone know if it runs on the same type of supply as a boss pedal, if it is reverse polarity, or takes some other type? I use a goldyke power supply at the moment and it has several different connectors and i want to be sure before i use the wrong one and fry my pedal.

theres a picture of the power jack here


it says 9vdc + (some little sign) -

is the negative in the center of the sign?

I'm sure it would use the standard one...since they also make the one spot system and it uses standard, negative center BOSS-like plugs.

EDIT: if its like this, it should work. As long as the mA of the adapter is enough to power the pedal (should be)
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Works the same. I have an H2O hooked up on a power supply with daisy chain cable to other pedals. 9V center negative.