Hi all,

Sorry if this has been asked before but i did do a search and didn't get the results i hoped for.

I recently acquired a metronome program for my PC. It will allow me to set the tempo i.e. 72bpm, 120 bpm etc. Also it will allow me to set beats per measure. My question is,

Lets say i'm learning a song that has a 4/4 measure and a tempo of 170bpm how would i follow along with metronome to learn the song? or lets say i want to lower the tempo to 72bpm to start with, would i pick one note per click or 4 notes between the two clicks?

Once again, sorry if this has been posted before but i could come up with anything in the search.

Any help would be appreciated. Just wanting to improve my playing and timing.

Many thanks.

Basically, the 4/4 number means you're gonna have 4 beats per measure, and 1 beat equals a quarter note. The metronome generally represents 1 beat, so the number of notes you play per click depends on the actual notes themselves. For example, eighth notes are half the length of quarter notes (or in this case half the length of 1 beat), so you play 2 eighth notes per click. By the same logic you play 4 sixteenth notes per click, and 1 half note would last over 2 clicks.

I hope that explanation helped you. To put it in another way, and a more general way, the bottom number of the time signature (the 4 if your signature was 3/4) represents what kind of note 1 metronome click represents. The bpm's of the metronome, 170 or 72 or whatever is just the overall tempo, but you're still keep the same number of notes/click and all that.

Good luck!
Toshiro, Saw

Thank you both....that makes it mush clearer now. Found a song that i want to practice and since it is in the tempo of 170 i figured i drop it down a bit so i can learn it and then bild up to the appropriate speed from there.

Thank you both for the explinations, i truly appreciate it.