So I've learned the pentatonic scales using the boxes. I know the boxes pretty well going from E --> e and vice versa, but I feel like all I know is the boxes and can only do it from start to finish, any advice on how to break out of this so I can better connect positions 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 etc. Also any backing tracks that you could recommend on youtube or something for practice would be great.
Don't think about boxes, positions or anything your fingers are doing. Instead listen to the sounds that the scale offers you and think about what you can create from them...then figure out what you need to do with your fingers to achieve it.
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Listen to the seagull In terms of backing tracks I'd just do a search for '12 bar blues backing track' to start of with.
What I'd recommend is learning the notes on the whole neck and what notes are in each scale (for example, A minor pentatonic has A C D E G) and matching both up. It takes quite a while but it's immensely good for your improvising.

For example, rather than thinking "I shall use this box pattern to improvise" (because we all actually think like that, wtf), you start to think in notes, it's difficult to explain.
^+1 don't let your self get boxed in learn the notes slowly from top e to bottom, one note at a time if you have too. The boxes pattern can be useful for a quick reference to were some notes lie in accordance to each other. But yeah learn your notes.
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