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Im finally getting my hair cut , long hair does look cool but is an absolute PAIN to keep and wash

so im getting it cut short
what styles does UG recommend?
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Good ones
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Its lame.
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Mullet obviously

Do it.

bleach your hair badly and whatever doesnt turn white cut that off it looks awesome :|
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Cool. Are you going to the grocery store today too? Pretty exciting stuff man.
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Thats odd, i'm getting a haircut tomorrow too, at the moment its not outrageously long but its very messy and has no real style to it, usually i just ask for a trim and tidy up but i think i might get a little more taken off than last time, and maybe have a parting added, so that it gives it a more definate style.


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We can't make this decision without pics, TS.

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We can't make this decision without pics, TS.

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Im finally getting my hair cut , long hair does look cool but is an absolute PAIN to keep and wash

so im getting it cut short
what styles does UG recommend?

No, it does not.
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Dude, your fucking sig creeps me out.

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I've decided to get my hair cut too, Im just gonna shave it off haha


Do It.
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