I have a new Fender Blues Jr. When i turn it on i get a static noise in the speaker. The louder i turn up the volume the more and more you can hear the static. Any ideas on whats wrong with the amp?
Is this a new problem?
Any changes to your environment? Lights, new pedals, etc.
How old is the amp?
What guitar do you have?
Guessing: Preamp tube. Buy one. They are $10. Everyone who owns a tube amp should have at least 1 extra preamp tube for their amp...but that's just me.
The amp is a week old out of the box. It makes this static noise when there is nothing plugged into it.
Have you moved the amp lately? One of your tubes might have come out of the socket a little bit. Happened on my amp the other day going to practice.
I havent really moved it since i got it out of the book about a week ago. If this was the problem how would i got about seeing if that was in fact what was wrong?
I just tapped on the pre amp tubes with a pencil and the pre amp tube closest to the edge makes a different noise than the other two when i tap on it. Does this mean its lose or bad?
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yes there is nothing plugged in and i am still getting the static noise. As for the sound the tube makes i cant describe the only thing i can say is that when i tap on the other tubes they make a similar noise but this one makes a distinctively different noise. Also the static doesn't come through the speaker until the tubes heat up.
Is there a crackle or just a constant static. Turn amp up quite a bit try to explain the difference better. I'm hoping it is just a bad preamp tube as those are relatively easy and cheap to replace. Otherwise, I would exercise your warranty and get a different one. They are well made by in large so stick with it, it's a great amp. Congrats on your purchase.
I hope so, this is second one that i have a problem with in less than a month so we will see how it goes.
so new development, i played on it for a little while today, now i cant hear the static through the speaker when i play, but when i turn the master volume up around 6 with nothing plugged in i start to get that static again. is this still a pre amp tube problem?
I think there is something in your room that is causing interference. A little static or hum might be acceptable on a lower end tube amp. Turn off computer monitors, florescent lights, cell phones, radios, TVs, microwaves, that kind of thing and play hard and see if you tell a difference. Take all pedals and whatnot out of the loop too.

Otherwise, my guess is faulty cable, preamp tube or insert jack.