Hey I need some Ideas for my science fair that's coming up soon and I want to do a project involving music so I'm thinking of doing something like how different types of music affect plants.

If you have any ideas please post them

You can always do the standard growth of identical plants except for the only changed variable being one listened to rock music and the other classical. The only problem is your experiment will show the classical grew faster. So if you don't mind knocking rock...

EDIT: I saw an experiment once where a guy had three hamster cages, one listening to classical and the other rock (one with no music), and then had them all run through a maze to see which hamsters tended to complete it the fastest.
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make a volcano out of paper machê

Gather your audience. Carefully place 4 tbsp. baking soda into the top of the volcano where you hid the paper cup. Drop in about 6 or 7 drops of red food coloring. When everyone is paying attention, pour 1/2 cup vinegar into the top of the volcano. When the vinegar mixes with the baking soda, a chemical reaction will occur, and the bubbly lava will pour out the top of the volcano and down the sides of the mountain just like lava flows down the slopes of real volcanic mountains.
how different music affects your driving, you could test it on a video game with driving wheel controller.