Houston Area Band

We currently have: 2 Rhythm Guitars, Lead Vocals (2 members)

We Need: Lead Guitar, Drummer, Bassist

Seeking more, MUST BE 18+, reliable, committed, WITH transportation.

As long as you're rock oriented, we might include you, no matter the genre, a mix is sometimes better!

MY influences include All Time Low, Hit The Lights, Senses Fail, Rise Against, and many others.

Post here or PM me and we'll talk more about it.
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Being able to sing backup vocals is a definite plus, so long as you can fill out one of the other instruments.

I didn't mention the genre purposely, we haven't exactly decided, but I think we're open to whatever we end up sounding like, and don't want to be pigeonholed into a genre.

Something wrong with my ad? Or just nobody in Houston interested?
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Got 2 spots filled from people that I know, so we're lacking just a drummer. Calling all Houston Drummers!