A few minutes ago, I dropped my guitar on the floor

I'm pretty sure the string height was lowered, so I first tuned it and found out that there was fret buzz on all of the strings .

I increased the string height (higher than it was before) but there is still fret buzz, not so much though, and not on open strings.

But on some open strings, there is some sort of buzzing that sounds like it is coming from the headstock

Also, (this was before I dropped the guitar) the treble tone knob is kind of loose, and sometimes when I touch it, the sound cuts or decreases. Sometimes all the distortion dissappears to. I can also roll the knob further than what should be maximum/minimum (0-10) if that helps.

Anyone know how I can fix these problems??
Check around the headstock carefully. Look for a crack.
Moving on.....
Quote by britishsligean
take it to a tech and get them to have a look at it


it's broke.
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The buzzing from the headstock was a loose machine head.

No one knows how to fix the tone knob problem?
If you can roll the tone knob further than the maximum, your knob probably got loose.

What I would do, is take the tone knob off the tone pot, then take the electronics cavity plate off and hold the end of the knob inside the cavity.

Then, using a wrench or ratchet, you tighten the nut on the top of the tone knob (top of the guitar), holding the pot from the inside to stabilize it. It doesn't need to be too tight, just enough to stay.

I'd draw a diagram, but I really don't have the time right now.
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Quote by Maximum._.Power
The buzzing from the headstock was a loose machine head.

No one knows how to fix the tone knob problem?

i guess it wouldnt hurt to take it off and look at it for connection and what not