Any genre, anything that calms you down and helps you go to sleep. Acoustic guitar, piano, anything. Suggestions?
check out the bands/guys

andy mckee
my epic
abandon kansas
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Vereor Deus

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"Quiet" by Rachael Yamagata
"Meet Me By The Water" by Rachael Yamagata
Mine are:

My Life For Hire - A day to remember
All terrain Vehicle, You won't hear from me again - InMe
All I wanted, Brick by boring brick, Brighter, Never let this go, Franklin, When it rains - Paramore
After lifeless years, last remaining light, Oath of silence - Sylosis

This is going to sound sad but I made a song called sunsets and horizons, that calms me down...whats even sadder is I love listening to it on Midi..But i play it to myself aswell

Those calm me down and help with my sleep.......well abit

EDIT: 15 fathoms and counting - BMTH (stfu)
My apocalypse - Escape The Fate
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the rain song - led zeppelin
peacocks - the mountain goats
all i can think of right now.
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Cryptograms and Weird Era Cont. by deerhunter.

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watching the boats with dad - buckethead
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Listen to some Raggae-ish stuff.

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"Albatross" by Fleetwood Mac

Never Going Back Again
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Play Up Pompey, Pompey Play Up

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any Jack Johnson
"You're a twat!"- That dude in morrisons

"You Ugly git!" - That girl in the restaurant

"You Were a Mistake!" - Mum

just a few of my fans..

Any Sigur Rós. I put their discography on shuffle almost every night before I go to sleep. It's very relaxing.