I am looking for some advice on getting back into guitar.

To fill you in with the background, I stopped having guitar lessons about a year and a half ago. When I stopped, I pretty much stopped playing. I was at grade 8 standard; preparing to take my grade 8 exam however had lost the motivation to play. I felt like I was working through grade after grade and just felt uninspired.

I have found the motivation to get back into playing; but I am stuck with what sort of level I should be going back in at. Should I:

a) Chose some challenging pieces and throw myself in at the deep end, back where I left off.


b) Work my way up, going below the level I was at quite considerably and ease my way back into it.

I really had the motivation to play Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson, but don't know whether this is going to be way above my level. I've also thought about some Dream Theater pieces, Hotel California, and Tears in Heaven.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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I would start a bit lower than what you left off at, like 5 or 6, with the occasional level 8 or 9 thrown in there just to keep you wanting more.

Don't give up ^^
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Cliffs of Dover would be way too easy for a grade 8 IMO. But I don't know, it's not really about the difficulty, find a song you really like and learn it. Doesn't matter how hard it is, being able to play a song that is familiar to you and that you like is satisfying and it will help you start playing again.
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Hi. I don't understand your grading system, but I'm guessing you were pretty good to say the least. Also, one year of not playing isn't long enough to forget everything, especially finger movement/memory. I think Projekt put it well. I took a five year break and I basically had to start at ground zero. Start moderate, if that seems to high, drop a little lower, but always try to keep it on the edge. Then throw in some insane stuff for motivation. Good luck and most of all...HAVE FUN!!
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