Selling The Walking Dead Vol. 1-10 graphic novel set. They are each the complete graphic novels except Volume 4 which I have composed of the 6 individual comics that make up the novel--these are probably worth more than the novels itself--but anywho...

Whole set for $85 shipped!

ESP EC-1000 *Vintage Black*
Orange TH30 Head
Orange PPC212-OB

DiMarzio Cables
We LOVE The Walking Dead series! It's one of the best shows on tv (and I don't even like zombies!). Great storyline, characters are well-developed. We look forward to every episode. I'm not a horror fan AT ALL, but this series is different. You can get so engrossed in the story that you forget there even are zombies at times. My teenager was watching a marathon (before AMC was pulled on Dish) several months ago, and I happened to walk past the tv, got interested in the dialogue, and wound up watching the entire series up to that point. Been hooked ever since. It's that good.