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Tribal Blue
16 23%
Tribal Green
17 24%
10 14%
White w. Gold Hardware
28 39%
Voters: 71.
alright, so for my next guitar I'm getting a Les Paul styled 6-string from Agile. However, I can't decide on the finish I want, so I wanted UG's opinion on this

I can't decide between:

Tribal Blue

Tribal Green


White with Gold Hardware
1) Silverburst
2) Tribal Blue/Green
3) Alpine White

...in order of awesomeness.
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I dont like the silverburst at all. It looks a bit cheap.
White is the best, followed by blue, then green, then silverburst.
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I love the blue but why do they always put gold knobs with blue? Epi, Gibson and Agile all do that... I think creme, black or even chrome nubbins would look far better!
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