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So I need a good place to buy some CTS pots for rewiring my LP. I have googled it and it seems like some of the places I have found are kind of shady and MF doesnt seem to carry them. Plus I want to get some good caps for it too and usually places that sell specialty pots carry specialty caps as well... So where should I be looking online to find them?
I can't answer this .. I was mislead and knew the answer to the question I thought you were asking .. oh well.
I lol'd at the title.
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Go look at antique electronics supply or smallbear they both have a much better selection of pots than MF or GC are gonna have. CTS quality has gone of the deep end recently. Last ones I bought had plastic shafts. So you might as well buy alpha's.
Are alpha's good though? Cause Im really concerned about getting good quality parts for once... lol