Hey S&L

This is my first time posting here so here goz...

I am in a fairly new band and we would like to do mostly origonal work. Our vocalist should be writing most of our lyrics, but I am giving a shot at it as well.
We are all Christians and our lyrics will be largely bast on that theme.
I apologize if something here offends you, you can leave.
Also, please don't debate me on the topics of the lyrics. There are threads for religious debate in the "pit".


This is a partial, dunno what part of a song it's gonna be:

As I stand amist the lightning
I am in awe of you
Your glory and your power
Are right there in my plane view
Though they talk about this Darwin
And the people from the apes
Creation pulsing all around me
Reminds me that you did creat


I've tried it all and the paths that I find
Lead away from me and my design
I've traveled around, time and again
and I'm unfulfilled, I've no real friends

Pre-chorus (don't got one, I want one though)


So help me
find me
lead me
guide me
Your beautiful…. yet I was confused
I'm lost in this world and without you
…I'm empty

I've been searching for what is real
My grandiose dreams have been brought to heal
Reality comes crashing down around me
and I need you God….
More in this life than I ever thought I would



Why am I cast down
Why am I rejected
My method of approaching this
Has never been accepted
I've tried to show you
Tried to ignore the message in my face
And yet I….
Wanna push on
Wanna continue
Attain something real

Don't hold me back
I'm pushing from inside
And even though I may slow down
I'll never stop or rewind
I've search and I have found
The way to full completion
His name is Jesus Christ
(I need to finish this chorus… haven't thought of the right words)


Opinions, criticism, tips?

I am fairly new to this and anything would be welcome.