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Go by this test to determine:
>>>>>> IQ Test <<<<<<
(Don't start unless you have a good 30 mins to dedicate to it)

and if you're not too shy, tell us your IQ (to the closest 10)

No lying

If you feel it's too low to share, just dont say it, but dont go lying about it

Mine is in the 120's

140 + Genius or near genius
130 – 139 Gifted
120 – 129 Very Superior Intelligence
110 – 119 Superior Intelligence
90 – 109 Average/Normal
80 – 89 Dullness
70 – 79 Borderline deficiency
50 – 70 Mild mental retardation
35-50 Moderate mental retardation
20 – 35 Severe mental retardation
< 20 Profound mental retardation (1%)
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Over 9000...

But in the 110-120's
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"My IQ is 45, in later years doctors will tell me that I am mentally retarted"

Mines is a little above a hundred. But that was only from an internet one

I would say 95% of the people here have never taken a real IQ test
Personally, I would rather not take this test because I do not wish for the government to steal my brain fluids to fuel their army robot nazi zombies
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woodenbandman's IQ is 135. Can you beat it? take this free IQ test to find out!

EDIT: I got 121 but I wasn't paying attention to most of the quiz. Only at the very end did I bother to actually look at the patterns and actually think about it.
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I searchbared

Don't use the searchbar, use the search function on the control panel box, it actually works. There's at least one of these a week. Although yours is actually well put together unlike the rest of them.
Where do you take them because all theplaces that offer them are all freaken advertisements and require your phone # and crap.
I got 135 when I took it at the age of 14, but needless to say and internet IQ test will be woefully inadequate.
cool im "gifted"
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144 hard to believe i know

Edit: il take this test to see if it still is
110 but in the other iq test was i dfferent not just patterns
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Don't use the searchbar, use the search function on the control panel box, it actually works. There's at least one of these a week. Although yours is actually well put together unlike the rest of them.

Then let's make this the official one

I took one before when I was around 12 and got in around the same score so this one is probably as accurate as internet ones get
After giving up half way through I got 96, proving that IQ doesn't equal intelligence.
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Seems I've dropped a bit since the last online test.
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I got 116. SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE. Although, on the written online IQ tests (I've done many)
I averaged 130. They're all inaccurate!
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I got 94. It probably didn't help that I kept getting bored and just pressing answers at random, or just picking the symbol that I liked best. I'll do it again tommorow when my attention span is less shot.
I got 90....... the end was vary confuzeling :|
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122, are there answers? some were right weird
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I got 124, it's what I usually get on these online tests. Though I have to say, this test was a lot easier than most IQ tests I've done, so it's interesting how I got the same result.
118. meh
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