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someone posted a poster with the new c-1's on, can't remember where
they seem rather different

"The 24.75" scale C-1 features a double-cut Mahogany body with flame Maple top, 3-piece Ultra Access set neck, rosewood 24x medium fretboard, and is available with an optional Floyd Rose tremolo or a string-thru body bridge by TonePros"

got that off another site
tbh I dont think they are going to be anything like the classic
R.I.P C-1 Classic
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^^i dont like the replacement. flame instead of quilt, different inlays, and the volume knob is right by the bridge pup!! the knob was out of the way on the classic and thats what initially steered me toward it. at least ive got one on the way. thanks for the info.


The replacement looks so boring compared to the old C1
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Is anyone else getting the impression that Schecter is dropping the creative inlays because some people found them too over-the-top?
I like the C-1 Custom, but I don't think its a fit replacement for the C-1 Classic. They should have kept the C-1 Classic and then have the C-1 Custom replace the C-1+ models instead.
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This. R.I.P. the Classic. That was a beautiful guitar.
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I know this an old thread, but I happened to stumble across it browsing through the forums. I'm actually selling my sunburst Schecter C-1 Classic if anyone were interested. Asking price $500, just upgraded the bridge and everything set. I don't really need to let it go, but it would be going to a good cause. Just post if interested (I'd do any sale through ebay, so it's legit) Thanks guys, and sorry for the shameless plug.
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