So I saw this on Musician's Friend...

EMG EMG-81 Humbucking Active Guitar Pickup Specifications:

* Resonant Frequency (kHz): 2.00
* Magnet Type: Ceramic/steel
* Output Voltage (String): 2.0
* Output Voltage (Strum): 4.5
* Output Noise @ 60Hz: -91 dBV
* Output Impedance: 10 kOhms
* Current @ 9V: 80 microamps
* Battery Life: 3,000 hours
* Maximum Supply: 27V DC

And I was wondering, does the battery life of 3,000 hours mean 3,000 hours of playing time? Or are the batteries drained while unplugged too? I know my distortion pedal only uses the battery while it has input, but are active pickups the same way?
It shouldn't, in theory, as the circuit wouldnt be completed, as it wouldnt be plugged in, but there would most likely be a little trickle of energy being released.
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When they're installed properly, with the right jack, the battery won't be drained unless a 1/4" jack is plugged into the guitar.
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But even if you constantly leave your guitar plugged in, it'll still last for over 4 months...
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