Hey there,

a new little metal diddy i wrote up for my band,

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I played a G on the 3rd fret e string and ask:

"What note is this?"

"... Three"

Sounded good for a Metal/ prog song even though i don't listen to a lot of prog music. I give it a 9/10. Harmony does sound awesome though.
I agree with the other comments, the harmony sounds awesome. I like that tapping riff at the end too. Good stuff. I'll also give it a 9/10.
Great stuff, I really enjoyed it. Great harmonies, great melodies, Great piece of prog music. 9.5/10 :P
Very interesting and unique piece. I liked the technique and beats you used. It was very intricate and precise. A lot of intelligence went into this piece. Nice work. Nothing really wrong with it. The only problem I have is slight choppiness, but that doesn't matter because this is such a good piece of work.

9 / 10

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I find that little "run" after the sweep in the very first bar sounds a bit weird as well. I wouldn't call the beginning weird overall just though few notes, I liked what you were doing with the intro :P

I think you only need to repeat bars 13 - 14 twice.

Didn't like 17 - 18.

At bar 53 i thought it was the beginning on a little solo but it turned out it wasn't. i def think it should be

Like everyone said, your harmonizing is awesome which is pretty important in a piece like this :P It's a solid song. Reminded me of Between the Buried and Me a bit but less heavy.
This sound really cool. does it have vocals? if so, I hope it's no cookie monster...

Tell me if you got this recorded.

I don't have anything to crit about it. It was just plain awesome in my humble oppinion.
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thanks a lot everyone!
our vocalist is writing up some lyrics for it soon
Quote by pentagram_man63
I played a G on the 3rd fret e string and ask:

"What note is this?"

"... Three"

This is quite wonderful. I really don't have much to say besides maybe give the guitar a break for a bit. XD

So far, one of my favourite pieces on here. Top five.

Cynic influence?


Check mine out? I'm sorry I don't have much to say about yours. It's too good. lol.