im selling a Jackson DK2 that has floyd rose temolo, and comes with crate amp. guitar stand, gig bag and 50ft patch cord. askin $900 obo.
pictures i have of the guitar and amp are too big to upload on site. email me if interested have lots of picturs.
Uh, so you started another thread for the guitar you THOUGHT was an SL-1....interesting.

BTW- since you weren't/aren't sure what guitar you have or what they go for, the DK2's go for $700 NEW on MF. So good luck with that.
ya i looked it up and made sure. im just askin 900 of best offer i need to sell it, if your interested i can email you some pictures of everything and can decide for your self and make an offer. about making a new add i didnt know how to change the title and didnt want to mislead (false advertise). not sure how to post pics onhere.