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I dunno... but the bottom notes go up chromatically...

Maybe the theory forum could help you more
Chord ontop
Bassnote below
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you play a Bb with C note in it... Duhh.
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Bb chord over C. So pretty much play a Bb chord, but make your root note C. I'd play that:
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In the key of Bb
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you play the B flat chord with the C bassnote
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Yea, Bb Major triad with a C in the bass. The top Bb is the chord, in the case of Eb/F, the Eb would signify an Eb Major and the bottom note, the F, means it has an F as the bass note.
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You play a "Bb major chord over a Cbmajor" or whatever.
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I think I'd have to play guitar sheet music to understand. I have never seen that before.
This is the wrong forum for this discussion.

Regardless: "X/Y" is how inversions are notated in Jazz and popular music. "Bb/C" means that you play a Bb major chord (really it's a Bb 9) with a C as the bottommost note (the C being the 9th).

source: years and years of music theory
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The Pit is not the right place to ask questions like this
Regardless of the fact that the Pit is the most populated thread, it is far from the most well educated on music theory/sheet music. Musician Talk would have given you a correct answer in the first post.

As some have mentioned, the bottom notes are the bass notes (forming a chromatic walking bass line).

It's definitely not notating polychords
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It means you play the chord that is on top (ie Bb) with the note that's on the bottom (C) in the bass (a Bb9 chord). Ask in Music theory. NOt the pit.
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