hey guys
recently ive been wanting to improve my technique and gain some speed so i have a few questions.

1. when sweep picking (and alternate picking) should i keep my thumb wrapped over the neck (touching the low E string) or keep it on the back of the neck?

2. when alternate picking up scales (3 notes per string), when should i add the 4th note per string to go up the 3rd octave?
for example, on my 7 string ill start on the low D (3rd fret B string) and go up the D major scale.
i want to get to the high D (10th fret high E string), but thats not possible if i stay strictly to 3 notes per string.

thanks very much =]

the first couple years of playing i didnt know how to alternate pick, so i just down picked everything, and i couldnt go up scales very quickly (obviously), because i though learning proper technique wasnt worth it.
then i learned alternate picking, and it took a little getting used to, but now i can play 2 to 3 times faster than before.
that "realization" made me very interested in correct technique.

EDIT: i read the "READ THIS STICKY (guide to all techniques)" and it didnt answer my questions.
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Question 1: to me its a matter of preference i know many are going to disagree and go the correct technique says you should NEVER do this.. well start looking up videos of well known or good guitarist.. you will notice a lot of them touch the top of the next or wrap their thumb around
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