Wrote this for my friend. Looking for Alaska is her all time favorite book and she gave me the idea of writing a song about it. I might also use this for a project. Anyway, this song is played on acoustic with simple chords, for now.

How Do We Get Out?

He left his life behind
To find the "Great Perhaps"
But his mission changed
When he met her.

They'd lay in the grass
With her tight shirts
And her short-shorts
Popping botles of pink champagne

She asked him:
How do we get out of this labyrinth?
Those were her favorite last words
And now he wonders what were hers.
She asked him:
How do we get out of this place?
How do we get out?}

She told him she had a boyfriend
She said she'd find him a girlfriend
And they laid in the grass
With closed lips and cigarettes


And then one night this all changed
After a few bottles of champagne
She ran out and asked for his help
And drove away, into the night
And said her famous last words

That no one heard
{Musical Break}

There would be no strawberry champagne
Sipped against the sweet smell of hay
Then he realized we never die
We're just reincarnated into the night.

BTW, I'm unhappy with the title. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!