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Every day.
5 8%
Every once in awhile.
23 39%
31 53%
Voters: 59.
i used to do the crossword every once in awhile. for the past couple of weeks though i've been helplessly addicted to it.

the reason i ask is because when i went to get the courier-journal's today, every paper had section D removed (the one with the puzzle in it). so i can only assume people went through, found it, and then took off with it.

i didn't realize many other kids around this age (17-21) did the crossword. do y'all?
I used to do it every day at work. My boss and I would work on it during our breaks. We usually managed to get it done.

But since I lost my job I haven't done crosswords much. They have the local paper for free at school and I occasionally grab a copy and do the crossword, but not very often.
Used to do it every day before school started, along with the Sudoku; not so often now.



Newspaper? I read the comics on Sundays, that's about it.
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Every day man. Sodoku as well. That's how I know I'm still sane.
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Did 'em everyday, a few years ago.
NY Times Sunday puzzle was a mutha, though. Only finished one of those...
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If I cross paths with a crossword I will do it. I won't go out of my way though...

So generally, it's when I'm on the train and find an mX (free newspapers you pick up at stations here) or any other kind of newspaper someone left behind. If I'm at the dentist's or something I'll do the crosswords in the Who/New Idea magazines. I do Sudokus alot more, preferably Samurai Sudoku ones
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I do the one in my school's newspaper between classes, and I also do the USA Today online one every morning when I wake up. I have recently started working a few sudoku puzzles here and there though.
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FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU my cross word failed

I'm going to do one today.
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I do the Monday and Tuesday ones out of the NYTimes every week, since those are the easiest. I usually get about 90% of the way through before turning to the internet for help haha
I get a paper every second day and generally do it. There are a couple of crossword setters... if I see there names I just know that I won't be able to do it and I tend to leave those.
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