I have been playing guitar for 6 years but only took lessons for the first few months.
i suck...
i can play pretty much any basic song. and some more advanced stuff.
but my goal in a year is o be able to play really technical stuff and be on my way learning how to shred and cool stuff like that.

i know the basics.

what should i practice to increase my overall skill?
I say learn theory as much as you can. Learn the modes and arpeggios etc. All technical playing on guitar is based around scales, modes, and arpeggios. Play what you want to hear. Theory will allow you to do just that if you put in the time and effort. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, BUY A METRONOME IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE ALREADY.
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Learn scales (major, minor, pentatonic, blues), practice alternate picking, practice legato. I'd need more info about what you can play before I recommend anything else.
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my goal in a year is o be able to play really technical stuff

Determine what it is exactly that you want to learn. Being able " to play really technical stuff" is not specific. Identify your technical weaknesses first because that is what will enable you improve and not stay where you still are. Work on your finger independence and pay attention to other essentials such as bends, hammer ons and pull offs as far as basic techniques that you need to be a better player then delve into theory at your pace. No need biting off more than you can chew. Take a simple scale that is applicable in the music you like, say minor pentatonic, learn it well and understand it then from there you will be able to build up the minor (aeolian) scale and other modes. But work on your finger independence and dexterity first.

Good luck.
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