some one please help me !!!

So ive moved to uni and really want to get a bike. This is mainly because i cant afford a car but would still like to get around the city and home.

I am 18 years old and currently carry a provisional driving licence with cat. A i know i can take the CBT and get a 50cc bike but the problem is i cant use motorways or A-roads. getting from Liverpool to nottingham thats a problem however with a 125cc bike i can do this (using A-roads) so my question is:

how and what do i need to do to get a 125cc licence!!!?!?!? everything ive read on the internet is really confusing so help would be amazing !!!

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^^ but is that a full UK licence?? i only have provisional... this is why im confused

EDIT : read link !! thanks
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Sorry, UK. I'm in the US.

Here we just take a two day course and take an easy written test and they let us go off to buy our liter bikes right away.

Good luck though.
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