Hello ,

Im taking my Grade 3 Rockschool exam soon. I was told by my teacher to skip grade 1 and 2 as i have basic knowledge of notes and playing ability.

My question is, how tough is the exam ??....i can play the selected 3 songs, do the improvisation, technical exercise but i may encounter problem with the ear test. I can play music, but to be able to recognise the melodic note for note in a short period of time, is difficult for me.

And also, what if i panic and suddenly make many mistakes playing the 3 songs ???...

is the grading system very strict ???..

those who have taken the exam pls advise..

thank you
No the grading system is not strict and its worth a small amount of marks. You really need to put in a lot of practice for it (i think you either play g pentatonic or gmajor and you have to figure out which is being played in their improvisation which seems easy but a lot of the notes are the same)
The worst thing you can do after you make a mistake is panic. Try to be as relaxed as possible when you play it and if you make a mistake pick up where you left off, try not to stop for a few bars or stop completely instead just carry on playing.
yup....thats the biggest fear, PANIC....anyway, thanks for the reply.....need to practice more..!!!
you have about 5 -6 weeks ?

make sure you perform at least once a week as part of your practice,
i.e play without stopping for friends and family , at quite a loud volume .
if you can play for their friends too .
more performing the better .
you can play in your front room , in a local rehersal studio , in the music block in your school .
if you are at school and play after school or during lunch to your class mates then you will have no problems with nerves in the exam , experience is the key here , so focus on performing
yess....i think i should do that....i has been a long time since i last played in front of an audience....

thanks ibanez1511 !!!