So I play the guitar but my amp sucks. I played on my friends Line 6 Spider III amp with some cool distortion pedal and everything I play sounded pretty amazing. Then I came home and played the same stuff on mine, sounded like shit. I'm pretty sure it's just the distortion because when I tap Eruption by Van Halen it doesn't sound out right. I was wondering if I should save up my money and get a bigger, better amp, or just get a distortion pedal? I remember using a Fender Starcaster Distortion Pedal for only 20-30 dollars, but I don't remember if it was great. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Don't get a spider III, you can get a lot better amp for the money. Look at the Peavey Vypyr for example. $100, has everything you would need for practice. I picked one up since I can't really play my 5150 low enough to deal with complaints from others (I live in an apartment). Sounds great. Much better than any other practice amp I've played.
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Yea what amp, If it is a spider, then get a better amp.
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