I was recently given a very well decorated classical guitar case. It's really cool and now very important to me. I've been looking into getting a Taylor with a grand auditorium body and was wondering if it would fit in this case. I know classical guitars and the grand auditorium body are similar but not exactly the same so it wouldnt really surprise me if it didnt fit. But I am hopeful.

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Why don't you take a tape measure with you to the store and measure it. Better yet, why don't you take the case with you to the store and test fit it? If you can't buy local, then call the place you're going to buy it from, and unless they're complete idiots, they should be happy to take a tape measure and measure the upper bout width, lower bout width, body height, overall length, headstock length, headstock depth (because it's angled down - very important measurement), etc. If they can't or won't, then you shouldn't be buying from them anyway.
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