Hey guys, sorry if you think this is lame, but I have a hard time finding shirts that fit haha. I'm 6'1" and like 170-180 pounds, so relatively skinny and can't ever find shirts that fit my body correctly.

It is t-shirts that are the biggest problem. I really just want some plain colored t-shirts with nothing on them. The problem I usually run into are that the shirts are way too short and way too wide.

I don't think I'm tall enough to need a shirt that lists its size as 'tall', those are usually way too long. I just want something that's a little longer than usual, and somewhat of a tighter fit. Not like muscle shirt, skin-tight, but not something that is wide enough to fit two people in either.

On the rare occasion that I do find a shirt that fits, it is usually labeled as "fitted" and either a size large or medium.

So if any of you guys that have the same problem could help me out and maybe list a website or store that you get shirts from that would be awesome. I appreciate it! Thank you.

tl;dr: Where can I find plain colored, "fitted" t-shirts that are long enough to fit somebody 6'1"?
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i fit your height and weight almost exactly. i usually get my t-shirts in large or x-large, but that's graphic tees from various stores. it shouldn't be too different to find plain t-shirts from walmart / target / kohl's in large or x-large.

and heck, if you picked a size too large, simply wash and dry the helloutofit.
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I get my shirts from H&M and Old Navy usually. I don't have very broad shoulders, so I have to wear a small or medium but the shirts are long enough that it goes past my butt.

I'm 6'3 and 165.
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I'm your size and have the same problem. i just deal with shirts being short.
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I'm the exact same build and I have no problem finding Large plain T's to fit me. I usually get them at JC Penny or something
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Yeah, see I think I'm discovering that I have a longer torso than most people the same height as me, because those of you who say that you're the same size as me are wearing the brands and sizes of shirts that I have tried and that don't fit me haha.

Although I have gotten sweatshirts at H&M that fit pretty good. Maybe I will have to try there again, but for t-shirts.

What I usually have to do to make my shirts fit, is wash them in the washing machine, take them out, lay them on a table and hold the top of the shirt while I pull on the bottom to stretch them longer. Then I hang dry them, which is a pain in the ass because it takes forever to dry clothes without them being in the dryer.

Thank you for your responses so far. I don't know whether I have a weird body shape, my torso is too long, or I'm just too picky haha.
I'm 6'2 and 150lbs! I usually just get a large and let it be a bit baggy on me...better than wearing a "belly shirt".
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I'm skinner and my shirts fit just fine.

+1 Almost 6'4 and 160 lb and large shirts fit me just fine
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american apparel?

$20 shirts ftl.

Their sweaters on the other hand...

EDIT: and "fitting" is subjective. I know people my height that wear medium shirts, but I wear small because mediums feel too loose.
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My brother is 6'2" and 125 pounds with a concave chest. He wins.

haha, Yes, he wins.

And yeah, 'fitting' is subjective. I like my shirts to be pretty snug. Definitely not skin-tight, but snug. Maybe that is why everyone is saying they are my size and fit into regular t-shirts fine but I can't. I still think I have a weird shaped body though because I have friends about the same size who don't have problems with their shirts fitting like I do. I think it's that I have wide shoulders and a long torso or something. I don't know.

I'll check American Apparell out. I think I did before but didn't want to risk spending the amount of money just to find out it doesn't fit. I'm talking about online American Apparell; I don't believe they have stores anywhere near me.
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american apparel?

They fit me amazingly <3

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$20 shirts ftl.

Their sweaters on the other hand...

EDIT: and "fitting" is subjective. I know people my height that wear medium shirts, but I wear small because mediums feel too loose.

I know, ftfl. I usually just buy walmart and whatever, but they fit soooo badly, way too wide or too short.
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I'm 6'1, 150 pounds and I'm pretty much a medium across the board for any brand. Depends on how you like your shirts to fit I guess. I prefer a fitted look.
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I'm 6'2 and 142 pounds. I only own 2 shirts that actually fit me


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American Eagle has some. They're not ridiculously overpriced either.
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My brother is 6'2" and 125 pounds with a concave chest. He wins.

Same here.
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6'1" 170 isn't skinny at all. I'd kill to weigh that much. I'm 6'2 135 and thin as a rail.
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My brother is 6'2" and 125 pounds with a concave chest. He wins.

Your brother and I are almost exactly the same, except I way about 10 more pounds. The concave chest doesn't help the unattractiveness, that's for sure, though my concave chest isn't terribly bad.
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I have the same problem as you dude. Medium american apparal shirts are perfect.

Awesome I'll have to check it out! Thanks man.

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Actually i wish i was a bit shorter, and had smaller feet.

Yeah same here. I'm so sick of not being able to buy shoes in a shoe store. It's ridiculous. I am size 14, and the majority of shoe stores only carry up to a 13. The store either has to special order them, or I buy shoes online. Buying online gives you way more options so it's not too bad, but you can't ever try anything on before you buy it which is kind of a big part to shoe shopping.