Basically I got invited, and I have 20 "recommendations" for people to try.
Basically this is the message:

"Google Wave is more fun when you have others to wave with, so please nominate people you would like to add. Keep in mind that this is a preview so it could be a bit rocky at times.

Invitations will not be sent immediately. We have a lot of stamps to lick."

So being the pit such a fun and awesome place to procrastinate, the first 15 to leave their email here are getting an invite .

EDIT: If you don't want to leave your email here, PM it to me. Post over here that you've sent it.

EDIT EDIT: No more invites left. Sent to everyone up to emo-slayer.
Please guys, once you get your invites make a thread like this .
It may take a while for them to arrive since it says that you've been "nominated".

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I'm not leaving my email!

anyways, whats google wave? I'm too lazy to google it.
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Sent PM because I would never post my email here lol.
PSN: KevGuy47
I'll pm you now.
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Sounds like a nice plan, but I don't use e-mail that much. Not a great demand for it by me.
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If you are interested, and are up to it, please PM me for more info on the song.
Yes, it's just one song in particular, theres no shredding or fast solos.
It is a mellow, instrumental, clean, song.
sent it
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4 remaining
Sent to everyone up to rudy so far.

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