I recently purchased a fairly cheap bass, that I intend to completely fix up myself (if possible). I have everything I need to fix it up and the project was looking well, until it occured to me that it has a single action (one way) truss rod. Whoever owned this bass before me tightened the neck fairly severly and there's a heavy backbow on the neck. Is there anyway to get rid of this? Will I just have to buy a new neck? I can't seem to think of any way to fix it myself, so any help will be much apppreciated.
Did you loosen the truss rod? If so and it didn't help, tune to F# Standard and leave it for a few days, this should help with the backbow. If it's still a problem, try heavier gauge strings. If the backbow is severe enough, however, a steam treatment may be neccessary to fix it.
There is no way to loosen the truss rod, since it's a one way (as in the truss rod only has the capability to tighten). I will try your other suggestions and I thank you for them. For futrue reference, though, how would one go about steaming a neck?
Are the strings on? If they're not, the strings would counter some (hopefully all) of the bowing.

Also, can we get some pics of how bad it is?
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The strings aren't currently on, since I had to remove the nut earlier today, but the bow is still evident even when the strings are on. I will attempt to post pictures of the neck tomorrow.
Just loosen it a bit... You wont need to steam the board off, you wont need to do anything. Loosen it a bit, the truss rod will put less pressure on the neck, and it will move back.

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