More lyrics from my new band. Nothing too serious from me, but still relevant I guess.

"I'm like Neil Young wafting through a desert breeze,
Except I'm riding a Horse that's more banal and jejune than it ever was

I spent a three day trip on a Greyhound bus from Portland to Dayton
and I lost my shit and I stormed my bags and I made my way
to the front with a pair of fingernail clippers.
With file extended I ripped the shirts off of burdensome men
and I cut their shirts like seaweed pieces and carved permanent
shit eaten grins.
When military complex dictates shit from common sense
and the rent is spent on fixed expense for a box to shit in and
sell to kids,
When those said kids die and are remembered with tacky
Christmas reefs on metal rails it's clear this project was spearheaded
to fail so those few true geniuses continued to tread like broken, crippled snails.

But are you just as vile as your words suggest?
And is your diick as fat as what your sex projects?
Is every tooth a horse's hoof to race down flesh?
Is every shirt from here on out to be made of tasteless gaudy mesh?
Poor advice.
It was okay. To be honest you used the word "shit" too much. I also had kind of a hard time putting this to music, but i guess it has been put to music since this was made with your band. What genre is it?
I didnt see much of a flow. This is fine if your band is mathcore or something along those lines. It was kind of enticing and it kept me reading anyways though. So overall i give this a 6/10.
Quote by turd_ferguson
[0:17] If my parents knew I was part of a group who celebrated christmas by drinking cough syrup they would probably cry

WEATHERER, the greatest band ever.
heh, number ratings.

I give this a Q/N

You're last was by far better.
But, I'm always interested when I read your work.
And now, I'm really intrigued by the idea of trying to figure out what the hell your band sounds like.

Last bit there, with all the questions, made this worth reading.
However, I'm also left thinking this is incomplete. As if those questions need to be answered in some absurd way.
Promises meant a lot back then.
Usually I find your work at the minimum enchanting due to your "voice," this lacked voice and substance. Read like a 10 year old that just how to use the word shit. Really lacked a lot of prowess content and delivery. Started to find its feet at the end, but by then I was already much to far gone and there wasn't enough piece left to save it.
You'd be a great playwright.

As for your song, or your wotw one, as lyrics, I didn't mind them at all. far from what you can do, I guess.
I think you mean "Christmas WREATHS" but I got what you meant and I kinda like how you did this
Nice abstract lyrics, I write without counting syllables too and know how hard these things can be, a big old 10 for the sheer originality of the content, but the triple shit so close together takes away the power of profanity. Kudos on the ending, but the first five lines are a little weak, nothing a good singer can't fix of course.

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