Probably one of the few 8 string songs written on here. I want people to note that I tune an 8 string to F# B E A D F# B E.

This song is unfinished, but I would like to know how people feel about it thus far.

I listened to way too much of Scar Symmetry's "Dark Matter Dimensions" lately >_>
Dimentia of the will.gp5
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Its not supposed to work that way =/ this is one reason I hate GP5 because some riffs just sound like utter pig shit where as in Power Tab they work just fine.
I definitely like the piece, i must say the GP doesn't do the 8th string justice, but its definitely an energy charged piece that i would mosh to. Good work
Yeah, I really wish they'd update GP or Powertab to have an 8 string staff. having to put in 4 guitars just for rythm sake is annoying.