i started playing guitar about a 2 years ago, but ive been playing for a year and 6 months because i broke my wrist. now i have a metal plate in my right forearm due to the broken wrist and surgery

i really like playing the guitar, in fact, im kinda obsessed with it, I usually play 3-5 hours a day if i can without noticing time fly, however my right hand gets tired significantly faster than my left hand, after about 2 hours it begins to feel stiff and it gets a bit more difficult to play, its more of an annoyance but i can still play. I didnt have that problem before the surgery but then again I only played for an hour or so back then.

my question is, I know I am still new at the instrument which could explain why I get tired faster, I was wondering what you all though,

How long does it usually take you guys to get tired? assuming no breaks, finger picking alternate picking etc...

I really would like to know because my surgeon said I have one more year to decide to get the metal plate removed. I just dont wanna risk another surgery, and physical therapy if it wont make a difference and I am just tripping out.
That really is a hard question. Somethimes I can play 7 hours in a row (Okay, maybee not so very serious playing then), somethimes only 1 hour.
..but 2 hours is a lot if you really put down all your power in playing.
A consert usually is about 2-3 hours of playing. If you can do that, I think it's more than okay!
My fore-arm/hand used to get very tired after about an hour of playing that required fast/heavy strumming. I got pretty sick of this and after studying my arm movement and looking at the bones/muscles that popped out the most I came up with the idea that I was putting too much stress into my arm and onto the pic.

My solution was that I consciously made sure my arm was relaxed at all times.now I just do it all the time, and it's much better.

Try consciously making sure your arm isn't under stress
Two focused hours of practice and I start feeling tired. 4 hours if I am just screwing around. Try playing for an hour, take an hour off, play an hour, take an hour off repeat. It really helped me when I started upping my practice schedule.
If your really using your guitar a lot and its hurting you then cut down. If you start feeling the pain then stop playing for an hour or so and take a rest. My left hand (fret hand) doesnt get tired at all just sore. But my right hand (picking hand) starts hurting after a a few hours of straight playing, i play a lot of rythm so it requires a lot of fast strumming

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alright cool, so i suppose its normal. thanks a lot for the input its much appreciated, i just wasnt sure if this was a common issue because my left hand never gets tired.

ill try focusing on relaxing more while playing, i'll talk to my teacher about it too. thanks.