ermmmmmm.........can anyone help me i bought a used gibson les paul months ago and the neck pickup is broken (i think).when i switch to my neck pickup its bareley audible but sometimes(like just a few hours ago) it was normal.

could it be the switch,the volume knob,or the pickup itself??? or maybe the electroincs???

for now i think it's either the knob or the switch because the knob is so loose and i can't tighten it and the switch because sometimes it fails too

plssss help me i'm a noob at this kind of stuff


it turns out to be some faulty conections

it stills needs fixing here and there but for now it's cool

Thanks for all the advice
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The thing always happens to me. It happened a few years ago and the people at my guitar shop replaced the switch and for about 2 years it was fine but then last year the sound started to cut out again when I changed pickup.
could just be a poor solder conection
if you dont know about guitar wiring and soldering then take it to a shop or a anyone with decent electrical knowledge and ask them to check all the connections could be a simple 10p soldering jobby then fixed
if not then probably a bad connection inside the switch.. which would probably need replacing
Pickups rarely break because they have no moving parts. About the only way to damage one is to catch the high "E" string on one of the bobbins and break the wire wrapped around the bobbin (Eddie Van Halen did this to his Frankenstein, but the pickup still works). When a pickup goes dead and the other(s) continue to work, it is almost always the switch. Check the solder connections and make sure none of the wires has broken free. If they haven't, then it is probably the switch. Even if you have to replace it, it is a cheap and easy fix.
It sounds like you're damaging the connections inside if the knob is really loose. Pop the top of the knob off and open the guitar up so you can see the wiring for the controls and tighten it back up. Then check all the connections going to/from the knobs & switch as that's probably where the problem lies.
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99% chance it's a bad connection

darkhorse: you've got a bad mount. is the pickup loose?
thanks ben and now for some reason it's back to normal but i think i still need to check the conections like you said
With LPs most of the time its the switch. Epis have been known to come new out of the box with a faulty switch. Next most likely is a bad connection or pot.