I'm new to the forum. I used to have an electric guitar but sold all my gear about 10 years ago. Even back then I didn't get to play much due to being away constantly with my job. So I suppose I haven't really seriously learnt anything since about 1990. At that point I had only been learning/playing for 4 years.

I started off with an Aria Pro 2 which was a horrible guitar to play and then upgraded to a Charvel guitar which at the time was awesome. I went through many amps including a Peavey, Carlsboro and then a Marshall 100w valve amp.
I'm an old school metalhead who used to enjoy playing Metallica, Guns n' Roses etc and that is what I hope to continue doing.

So having sold all this kit I want to get back into it again but find the process a bit daunting. I haven't really got a clue what to spend these days but I really don't want to buy a piece of crap guitar. I have budgeted for about £500-£600 for a new guitar because this was how much I spent on my Charvel which was more than good enough for me. Is this enough? I want to steer away from Les Paul and Fender guitars but this is just purely because I don't like the look. I still have an old memory of playing a friends Ibanez guitar many many years ago and though it was the dog's boll*cks and so seem to be very fond of the idea of owning one. I intend to buy a "Guitar Rig" for my PC as this is amazing compared to old days where you had to buy an amp and pedals. I'm going to start getting lessons again from scratch because although some of it is still in my head I know I will have lost it in my fingers!!!...lol!!!

Any reccomendations and replies would be very much appreciated.
try out different ibanez rg's and see which one feels best for your budget

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