ok so i have finaly started to learn chords and scales and stuff like that and am having a problem with my top string when i hit chords. the sound that comes out is less then desent, however all the other strings sound great. i dont think that it is the frets because it doesn't sound good even when its open and its not my amp because i have two and one is a nice kustom defender and it still sounds like crap. it also sounds good with power cords and other combos with the top 2 or 3 strings. i know that it is in tune and it doesn't sound bad when played by its self, though not flawless on the clean setting, kind of a flat dull sound not as dynamic or full as the other strings.

i dont know if it is my pickup or really have any idea what it is. is this a common problem that is new to me or is there something really wrong with my guitar. i know that this is long but i think thats all the symtoms.

any advice on this will help. thanks.