i'd heard a lot on another guitar board about silk and steel strings. people there recommend them a lot, especially for those who are looking for less brightness in their guitar, so i finally bought some - a set of standards, which are basically lights. i had meant them for my seagull s6, but ended up putting the wound strings on my very cheap rogue grand concert - although i used extra light unwound strings from another marquis set. and wow! i could not believe how much they changed the tone of the guitar. it went from sounding okay to actually sounding good, with a silvery tone like a yamaha. and as everyone said, they are softer to pluck, which was a plus - especially for bending on those thicker strings.

when i got my seagull coastline grand last week, it had a nasal mid-rangy sound - my husband called it bratty but i felt it was piercing. anyway, it wasn't my style, so i put a set of silk and steels on it, and now it sounds much better - a pleasure to listen to.

if you're looking for brightness or a tight high-tension feel to your strings, these strings probably won't be the ones for you. but if you're looking to tame that brightness a little, add warmth to your sound or play softer tension strings that are kinder to your fingers, martin silk and steels are great!
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