Can anyone give me some techniques for sweep picking? I've been learning on the really slow solo picking from Suicide Silence's "No Pity For A Coward." Its not really giving me an idea on what i need to accomplish. Can someone help me out?
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practice this pattern real slow at first, concentrate on making each note clear and only have one sounding at any given time, make the sweeping motion smooth, practice practice practice. seriously how I taught myself how to sweep
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there is tons of lessons on this website for how to sweep pick, but it all comes down to practice. its one of the hardest things to do on the guitar so it wont happen over night. just start slow and dont rush yourself. better slow and right then fast and sloppy
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I found repeating this worked out fine.

E 15p12---------------12h15p12---------------12h15
B --------13---------13------------13--------13--------
G -----------12---12------------------12--12-----------
D --------------14------------------------14-------------
A ----------------------------------------------------------
E ----------------------------------------------------------

Then once you have a basic grasp of that, practice it from 7th and 17th frets (12th in example).
Start out with something simple.
More so...Uh, start out with the top three strings only.
Later on you can practice using the other three strings.

One thing you Must practice, is the rolling motion.
You have to roll your fingers, like..

From G string to high E string, roll your middle finger.
It's important to learn that motion, because every sweep picking has that, least from my knowledge.

Sweep picking for me, really was a test of patience..

In your head you'll say...
-It's really boring practicing sweep picking.
-It sounds horrible
-Sounds nothing like what it's supposed to sound like
-I've been practicing for over a month and I've only improved so little

All these things, and it's just a test of patience.
One last thing...
To get to a Decent level of sweep picking, which is where I'm at..It'll take over 2~3 month, depending on how frequent you practice.

[There's two videos of me sweep picking > www.youtube.com/whoahesgood]
I've only been playing guitar for a year.
Lucks buddy

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The solo from the Dethklok duncan hills coffee jingle is actually great for learning to sweep if you take it slow