Hey guys, this is my latest piece which I finished in about an hour, so it's also the fastest I've ever written a song which I feel is good enough to post here. Basically I was just going for something relaxing. This song pretty much represents to me the loss of being carefree and a longing for the past. Also, the title is an anagram of my name.

If anybody wants a MIDI version just let me know.
Hash Ammo To Jon!.gp4
Hash Ammo To Jon!.gp5
Hash Ammo To Jon!.mid
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it starts of very good and soothing with the clean guitar setting the mood, and then
when the flute/piccolo lines comes in at bar 5 it comes together so well, that was probably my favourite part
the barely audible acoustic guitar that starts at the same time is amazing as well, it goes so well with the whole mood.
the quiet tremolo picking feels very warm as well, and fits really well.
the fading trilling piccolo was also really good.
for me, the pad at track 6 was the part that didn't really fit in, and I liked it better muted tbh.

overall though I think it's flawless, I hope you'll make more pieces like this one

Pretty damn good. I'm only bar 5 right now. Damn, this an amazing piece. I can't really pin it down genre wise, which is always good. Experimental is a good adjective for this.

The piccolo and flute combined make a really interesting harmonic texture. It's excellent. It's would work as good segue between to songs, as the end builds a sort of anti-climatic tension (not saying that it's bad).
You should write more pieces. This is the kind of stuff that reminds what music is all about. It's about being genuine and troo, but not in kvlt way.

Also, go ahead and re-work the drums of my verse sections with math rock stylie. I promise I'll steal it.

Listening to it again...
Piccolo and flute sections remind me of maudlin of The well (aka the best band, evar).
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Good piece!
One thing though. I found the tremelo picking sort of didn't fit in too well.