Well we had this one recorded already and was sending it to singers to use to tryout.
this is the guy we went with and this is the song..
it will need to be rerecorded and maybe structured just a bit, but were happy!

Caution: MEtal alert!

just wanna start getting it heard by some people
just realized i can upload mp3's too cool!

Pathways to Madness
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singer sounded good ,kind areminded me of chuck shuldiner in places, and the songs pretty good
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Hey! I heard your track. Lovely music I have to say. But really have you considered having a clean vocalist for your tracks? The screaming does not really go well with the song. It jsut sounds like a sing song. I guess clean vocals will really give a boost to the kind of music you guys play. Great guitar tracks though. I love the creativity that has gone behind the making of the song.
Thank you for your comments!

yes he does cleans just as well, on our myspace page theres a track called (sample of vocals, and the first half is this song, the second half is a sample of his clean voice..

and I think he was recording various styles to show us what he can do, this song is finished, but this is likely not the final arrangement, or recording.

We wanna stay heavy :P

yeah i hear some chuck influence also, as well as some arch enemy in a few paces.
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This is to be our Epic, at 9 minutes and 44 seconds, it tells a story of lady lilith.

Lilith (Hebrew: לילית‎ Līlīt; Arabic: ليليث‎ Līlīṯ is a female Mesopotamian storm demon associated with wind and was thought to be a bearer of disease, illness, and death.

it is a rough draft that will be rerecorded and solos added on the 13th, i will pull this down in a few hours.
I just want to share with the few that take time to listen to it for a bit.
we are proud of this one..
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good instrumentals, and you dont really need cleans for the song, though it woul help, but the screamer really doesnt fit at all. he sounds like a black metal vocalists, and not all that great at it too. the music you are playing doesnt really fit is vocal style, i would really suggest trying to find a different vocalists that still screams, but different style. idk, but it just doesnt fit to me.
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I like it a lot. I frickin' love the clean vocals. Most metal bands these days with clean vocals have the whiney "hardcore" cleans. Your singer's were much more laid back and had almost a smooth jazz vibe to them. Great job. Your music reminds me a lot of Death. The screams and guitar work were very Chuck Schuldiner-esque.
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echo thanks for the feedback but wrong song haha, but on that note, that that you heard is just an example he gave us of his vocal range, thanks though for the feedback!

pitbodies thanks man we are all death fans!
like i said it still needs work but this is the start!

edit ::taking it down you can hear half of it at our website..
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ok i listened to the stuff on your myspace, i think as long as he doesnt do the whiney higher pitched black metaly screams it will sound better, like he can do higher pitched screams(like the ones at the end of the "sample track" directly after his cleans, just improve those) not just lows all the itme, as long as it doesnt get to that whiney stage that alot of more black metal vocalists use(like around 2:20 of the "sample track"), it would sound better imo, but its up to you guys. and i absoulutly love his clean vocals, have him sing a bit more too, it fits your music so well, and his cleans are so unique.

this is all my opinion im not saying he is bad, and if thats the sound you are going for, then keep it, just saying imo i think it fits better to stray away from the winey screams. but its all up to you.
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It's like everyone's getting laid and I'm the only virgin...

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I now dub thee, Fapking.

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