This is a feeler to see whats out there. I'm looking at getting a basic pedalboard, and a few pedals to fulfill what I need. Right now, I'm looking at spending 240 on a pedalboard and 6 Behringer pedals on ebay, but I wanted to see what was available used. Cheap for me would be 20-30 per pedal. As long as it works, condition is not an issue.

I need

I would like

And as far as the pedalboard, I need something cheap, and I'd prefer it to be powered (but I could survive if it wasn't).

For trades I have....

Roland Microcube
No-name tele for project or parts
Squier Custom tele with upgraded GFS pickups (have to check what kind)
Possibly a Peavey Valveking 112, if I got a really good deal (it's my only amp I can gig with at the moment)
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15 shipped. behringer blues overdrive
i have a spare wah. but it's around for modification, pm me if you're interested.
i have a nano clone, (chorus) 50 shipped

all prices include complimentary shipping insurance
I have a tuner, and a chorus, I'll send them over the pond for you if you like, they are:
Boss CE-5
Korg DT-10BR

I'll work out a shipping price, if you PM me