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Depends how it sounds and plays to be honest.

Pretty much. A MIM for $250 isn't too bad. I see them go for 300-500 on my CL.
If it's all stock, it mostly depends on the condition of the neck and how it plays... and then the year it was made... and then cosmetics. What's the serial number?

$250 is a good price if it's mz serial number in good condition with a paint job like that... if it's mn serial number it's probably just a fair (read as worth it) price if it's in really good condition depending on where you live.

You should probably search Craigslist in your area for similar guitars and see what you're up against. If it plays good, I would rather keep it than sell it for less than $200... but that's just me. How it plays (after a proper set-up) is the number one factor in my book.
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This is a Korean made Limited Edition guitar. I have the "Band of Gypsies" version that is black, red, yellow and orange. I have seen them go for anywhere from $189 (what I paid for mine) to $450 in really good condition. If you need the cash and don't want to use eBay, $250 should get a fairly quick sale. I have seen them sold new for around $350 in music stores that still had a copy.

Sorry, just looked at the pictures. That is not a Tie Dye Strat, it is a Splattercaster and they sell for more. Will you ship it to Denver?

If you want you can send the serial number to Fender at consumerrelations@fender.com and they will send you the build sheet. My email is briangvolk@yahoo.com
lol, I was just about to say, that isn't tye dye.
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