Been working on this one for a while, and this is what it came out as! It's a mix of a bunch of Celtic tunes. Disillusion's Reel by Elvenking starts it off, then it goes into a metal version of The Battle of Aughrim, then into Irish Washer Woman, mostly with acoustic and some VSTi instruments, then to Loch Lomond, first a rock version then an acoustic version. Most of the songs use VSTi's in one form or another--thank you, DSK Music, for the strings, world strings, Indian dreams, Asian dreams, and ethereal pads!

There are one or two rough spots which I had meant to fix, but my computer's hard drive crashed a little while ago and all I had backed up were the mp3 and wav files, so they were effectively closed off; hopefully the rough bits aren't too hearable!

The song's in my profile, and any feedback is appreciated I will do C4C, as long as your song isn't on YouTube--I have limited internet bandwidth to work with, so I can't do the videos.