So I would like to get into the art of building guitars. Ive seen guitar bulding kits that I assume come with all the needed parts, but then there are sites like warmoth.com that sell individual parts needed for building an ax. So really im a total noob at this, well not even cause I havnet even tried yet. So really what im looking for from the UG community is which route is the best to take? I want to do this for the experience factor, not so much for building my dream guiat (not yet anyway) but I dont want to throw out this time, money, and work to end up with some shitty ax. Are there any quality guitar kits, or should I go through and pick out my own parts. My issue is how will I know if I like the neck? ill have to judge from the specs alone. Im leaning towards buying indivdual parts but when it comes to woods or hardware or anything im at a total loss as to tonal properties and different wood qualities

Also another big concern of mine is what kind of tools and materials will I need to actually build the guitar. Other then an obvious screwdriver and clamps? Also are there any kind of set directions I could follow that would walk me through the whole process step by step?

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refinish a guitar you have. file and polish the frets if they're worn. refret if really needed. just customize it, that's about half of building a guitar. any wood working experience? cause that's the other half. Electric guitars are basically woodworking and some hand tool experience. and a little soldering. check out project guitar. do whatever strikes your fancy
1) if your on about getting all the parts like body, neck, tuners etc your not reli building your guitar, and you might as well get one of your own guitars, take it to bits, and put it back together, and that way you save money
2) bestway of learning is doing. Build a guitar from a block of wood and you'll learn a lot more then you would from a kit
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One day I will completely build my own guitar from scratch (for the most part) but to start I think itd be best to buy the parts and put it together. This way I can get the idea of how it all hooks together, I have no woodworking experience and very little soldering and electrical experience. The reason I want tobuy a body and neck (though not totally finished) is again because Id like to get the basic format down before starting with nothing and I do not have the tools to carve and cut my own body and neck out of wood.

well actually what EXACTLY would I need? I could probably get access to a buzz saw or the likes but im sure I need quite a few tools to actually carve my own guitar.

I like the idea of taking apart a guiatr and building it again but I only have one electric and its fairly new so I dont dare break it, especially on purpose. I do have a yamaha acoustic with a chipped nut I could possibly tear apart but really Id only be sepereating the neck and body. Plus I want to do the whole electrical side of guitar building.
Do yourself a favour, search for the GB&C Starter Pack v.1. Download it, and read the articles. There's at least one (maybe two) complete step-by-step builds in there.

To be completely honest, you only need a saw, router, sandpaper, drill, and a soldering iron to build a fully functional guitar (if you buy a premade neck)
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mmm, im currently reading those threads but the thing is I have no interent at home and I wont risk downloading things here at work.... but so far your comments have proven useful, so thanks
As the guy who compiled that whole list, I can personally vouch that they are all safe.
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