Imagine a mix between The Airborne Toxic Event and The Black Keys

Sitting there feeling buzzed taking in the cold night
She leaves through the lit door closed on your far right
You wonder where she’s gone you think she’ll be okay
But she’s five minutes late and you’re starting to pray
And there’s heat in the air and her sweet smell is gone
Like you just realized you left the light in your car on
She’s twice past drunk and you’re running down the sidewalk
Panic in your eyes like you didn’t keep the house locked

Try to stop and recreate the scene
Fuzzed out shapes covered by gasoline
Everything’s on fire why’s life so mean
Then you realize this nightmare is all in your dreams

Stumbling and muttering you’re trying to escape
From the past and from fate from these things that you hate
But you’re not going anywhere and still can’t stay
Until the call on her phone rings to tell you the way
And you run across the street through the horns and the yells
But she’s trapped out there like she’s in their prison cells
And you reach for her hand but they pulled it away
She disappears and the her absence turns night into day