Okay, basically Im looking for a quiet, but still versatile tube amp for under $600.
I would like the amp to have an FX loop if possible. Most of the low wattage tube amps I tried weren't too versatile:

Blackheart Little Giant - No FX loop, no gain control.

Blackstar HT-5 - Seemed to only handle higher-gain genres.

I dont mind getting an effects pedal to get higher gain tones at lower volumes either.
The amp would be for home use, and recording.

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i believe there is a low wattage JSX combo. It is discontinued though, maybe you can find it used?
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Tube amps aren't quiet. (Period.) My 5 watt Valve Junior was, until about 1 or 2 o'clock on both volume knobs, just as loud as my 100 watt Bassman.
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Unless its electronic drums.

i would go with the B-52 AT 112 it is a great amp for the price and all tube amps are loud like they said so just get one of them.

The blackstar HT-5 is good too
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